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Polish bridal customs

Polish weddings have long been a two- or three-day occurrence with special customs. Due to globalization and sociable press, many of those customs have been lost in modern times, but some are still practiced today. This article examines some of the most popular Polish wedding traditions.


The majority of Polish weddings ( Sluby ) begin in a church and end with an all-night celebration. The ceremony is typically officiated by a pastor, and two testimonies are needed.


The bride must remain”released” from her maiden position before the chapel meet polish women ceremony can start. Along with her papa and a few friends, she leaves her home. Typically, the party likely erect obstacles and make amusing attempts to prevent her from leaving. The bride does typically sob, remove her cap, and bid her maiden reputation farewell. All of this is being done as her clique sings the oldest known Polish bridal tune, Chmielu, Oj Chrmiellu.

Bread and salt, part three

In order to ensure that the newlyweds will have enough food for their new matrimony, bread and salt are typically served at the reception. The bakery likely be tasted by the brides, who will then sprinkle it with salt. Additionally, they consume a killed of whiskey and toss their glasses behind them, which should break in an effort to frighten away evil spirits.

The ceremony bread, also known as Kolaczki, is another option. It is very similar to the northern types, but the married couple can add as many layers as they like. Before they can feed their friends, the pair cuts the primary part and feeds each another.

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